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content services we provide

Events and Launches

From simple filming briefs to complete events or experiential productions. With our clients input, we'll develop the concept and delivery for something amazing. Our in-house team covers most client requirements, and we have a crew of talented people for bigger productions and events.

All our teams have plenty of experience working to brand briefs and are more than qualified to deliver beautiful and outstanding video content. As well as online videos in HD, our output can also be provided for HD broadcast usage (e.g. B-roll)

Interviews and Introductions

Brands and companies are increasingly using online video on their websites to make introductions on a more personal level.

Welcome videos and CEO interviews can put a face to your company and breed trust and understanding for your business. We produce awesome-looking videos tailored specifically for your brand or company.

Online media 'videotorials'

With digital consumption of media increasing with every tablet sold, 'videotorials' harness the power of a new digital medium. This is the evolution of media partnerships.

As the new advertorial for the digital audience, imagine what 'videotorials' could do for your PR campaigns.

Working alongside editorial and website editors we'll ensure style and priority placement on websites and e-newsletters.

Aerial filming

We've now added HD high-quality aerial filming to our services.

Using the latest remote copter technology, it's cheaper than you might think. Get in touch to find out more about aerial opportunities.

Motion Graphics / Infographics

ContentedLONDON provides an end-to-end development of infographics and motion graphics video. We can take your information or survey and produce either static or video infographics.

For certain specialist requirements we have videographers with more specific talents, such as After Effects, Cinema 4D, and other post production and motion graphics packages.

Client testimonials

Bring your client successes to life with client testimonial videos on your website. Video delivers a greater impact for appraisals and recommendations from your clients.

We can help develop the right questions to make the most of your successful client campaigns, beautifully filmed to deliver outstanding presentation of your business.

Your Services

Website visitors can benefit from a brief introduction to the detailed services you provide - a short video can offer a concise explanation of what you offer. Include examples, processes, products or whatever your audience might be interested to learn about your business.

We'll work with you to develop a short and punchy video showcase of the services you provide for your clients.

Company Showcase

Allowing visitors to your website to get a better insight into how your company works can deliver greater understanding and trust in the services that you offer.

With a short video on your website to give potential clients a behind-the-scenes look at how you operate can develop closer relationships more easily.

Product features

While pictures of your products can show detail, video showcases offer a lifestyle approach to products for consumer interest. Video can showcase your products on a more personal level for your customers from technology products to fashion items.

Think of your website as a platform for short adverts that explain more about your product ranges and how they fit into people's everyday lifestyle.

Series productions for social media integration

Short online videos for daily consumption

Imagine a QR code on food packaging to play a two minute episode on smartphones or tablets - cereal brands could offer content for kids breakfast time: "today's amazing fact"? Soft drinks brands could add interviews with music artists... Health food products could offer a daily yoga position...

Photography / Creative

Be cost-effective... Our camera crews use DLSR cameras alongside other recording hardware, and have photography skills to match their videography talents.

Combine photography and video for your campaign activities and keep your costs consolidated for both moving image as well as photography.

Shows & Conferences

For both consumer and trade shows, we provide video showcases for clients, giving brands the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

With many brands spending a large proportion of their budgets on spectacular stands and spaces at various events each year, it makes sense to broadcast coverage of such activities via online video

Video News Releases

For specific announcements and press releases, we can complement your pr and social media activity with a video news release.

Adding a visual element and well-thought-out key messages for your announcements can deliver more information in less time for your audience. Everyone likes that!

Special effects / CAD

We offer computer-aided design for everything from cool video titles and special effects to autoCAD interiors and stand designs - whatever genre fits your audience.

We work with a network of designers and CAD experts to deliver integrated services for whatever CAD resources you may require.